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Boxform aims to provide world-class quality of service and designs to the global market. Great Customer Service, Boxform will be well-known off. Partnered and empowered by visionary artisans, Boxform will go international.


To deliver an exceptional quality and better customer service in a timely manner. Boxform Interior Designs will always bring the finest designs through its designers and construction team. To be one of the top service provider and become a One-Stop-Shop in the build and interior design industry. To be able to touch lives through its exceptional ideas and impeccable service.


The team’s design philosophy revolves around what’s relevant and important to the client, guiding them in execution of their intermittent ideas to a more cohesive output that will be a trend setter in design industry. We at Boxform do not believe on following the trend, but by being exceptional; while setting the bar a notch higher in forming design concepts up to its execution. We also consider client’s character, preferences and requirements without breaking the bank yet bringing out the best service and design output. Giving out combination of modern and timeless elements, unpredictable yet stunning style combos and being keen to details are Boxform’s way of living out in building its designs.


is the furniture partner of Boxform, it is a direct importer of furniture and accessories. A well-structured and reliable company in the furniture industry, capable to deliver big contracts and create value to its clients. Boxform partners with Rocco because its furniture and accessories are simple yet elegant and sophisticated. It also has global visions with global standards just like Boxform is bringing out to its clients. Credibility and trustworthiness describes how Rocco deals with its clients, reasons why Boxform partnered with Rocco to ensure its delivery of world-class furniture to its clients.


RUCS Konsult Corp. was established on July 2001 by the leadership of a Filipino-Chinese, Engr. Rico I. Uy. It started as a designing group, and sub-contractor, then eventually as out of home advertising provider and general contractor.
The company has grown on firm foundation of trust, experience and innovation. Its expertise in the world of out of home advertising has gained so much respect that led the company to be one of the top valued in the industry.

The company established alliances with local and international partners to keep abreast and strategize global advertising trends.

For the past 15 years, the company’s expansion is undeniably impressive. The human resource is increasing and sales targets are consistently met. Presently, RUCS is known as one stop shop entity, catering outdoor, indoor and digital media nationwide.