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Design and Build

Our team will be the one to design, supervise and construct the project from start to finish. Our team has the skills and knowledge to help make the project a success. We can help make the most out of any design and building. Once designs are set then the hired construction team will take care of the building work, the services don’t stop there. Once construction has been completed we can also provide on-going maintenance work and future renovation, but there are terms and conditions to be discuss. Boxform provides convenience to the client when it comes to coordination with the designer and contractor to unveil their aesthetic vision, this is what our design and build services has in store to our clients. Our team will be the one to design, supervise, and construct the project from start to finish. Skills and knowledge that can make a successful project is what the team will give its client’s satisfaction in making the most out of its design and building. Clients can easily raise out their concerns and be hands-on in terms of construction; changes with the layout, designs and constructions can be easily address because of accessibility of Boxform’s designers and contractor partners. For quality service and outcome, Boxform ensures that unseen backjobs during the construction will be covered and fixed by the contactor partners and maintaining its aesthetic design. Boxform build and produce designs for customer satisfaction.

Interior Design with Supervision

The designer and project management duties will be coming from our end but the contractor will be considered as another party. The construction team which the project was awarded to is still required to have their own project manager for easier coordination with ours. We will make sure to maintain close communication and exchanging ideas and information with the people responsible. For every interior design project, Boxform provides a complete supervision services. We maintain a status of excellence in performance by providing high quality interior design services, based on professional skills from full design concepts to implementation and furnishing, as well to its supervision and project management, resulted in the on time delivery of projects. A status of excellent performance in providing high quality interior design services is what Boxform brings out to its client through its complete supervision service. Clients has option to choose which contractor they will be working with aside from Boxform referrals, this is to ensure that designs approved by clients and designers are being followed and will give a satisfactory outcome. Supervision of the projects will be conducted by the assigned project manager alongside with the Boxform team and client to ensure that everything is being followed and is on track. Boxform will work hand in hand with the project management team to have an easier coordination, open communication and exchanging of ideas to guarantee its clients of an exceptional construction and design.

Interior Design

Our personnel have extensive knowledge in this field and extensive networks. Every project brings new challenges to our team of Architects and Designers to provide us with innovative ideas using the base of our interior design knowledge/experience. Boxform Design believes in “Exceptional Quality Work” and “Good Customer Service” and uses these principles in all our designs to create interiors that are carefully planned. An “Exceptional Quality Work” and “Good Customer Service” are principles that Boxform live by in relation to its Interior Design Services to create designs that are carefully planned aesthetically. From schematic phase up to consultation and furniture sourcing with styling defines what a solely interior design service Boxform could offer to its clients. It gives its clients an option to be in control of the construction schedule and could give a breathing space for the client to think-out-of-the- box when it comes to doing innovative designs with the help Boxform’s Architects and Designers.

Modular and Cabinetry

Our team engages in the fabrication of modular and cabinetry by using advanced materials, superb workmanship and affordable prices, we are surely a trusted partner. We design modular and cabinets according to your requirements taking into consideration its practicality, durability and affordability without compromising our work principles and craftsmanship. Changes come along the way and requires rearranging of built and space function. Boxform also provide services for small projects and renovations when it comes to cabinetry and modules without knocking down the walls. Advance materials with superb workmanship for affordable price are what the team engages of in producing quality modules and cabinetry services. Meeting up the design requirements of modules and cabinets while taking into consideration the practicality, durability and affordability without compromising the work principles and craftsmanship make Boxform exceptional in terms of its modular and cabinetry services.


To ensure that Boxform provides good quality service in interior designs and would brought satisfaction to its clients, Boxform has its workflow to follow on.
First, it has initial engagement and free-of-charge ocular to the place where the magic will be handcrafted to. It determine the client’s requirements, design direction, budget, timeline and status of the actual space.
Second, design overview presentation. It involves the presentation of initial concept board, limited 3D perpective views with corresponding estimated cost. These workflow help out Boxform to coordinate and talk out ideas with its clients.
Lastly, After the initial design presentation, Boxform will wait for the client to review the proposal and the go signal whether they will proceed with the discussion of contract before the design development and construction phase.


RUCS Konsult Corp. was established on July 2001 by the leadership of a Filipino-Chinese, Engr. Rico I. Uy. It started as a designing group, and sub-contractor, then eventually as out of home advertising provider and general contractor.
The company has grown on firm foundation of trust, experience and innovation. Its expertise in the world of out of home advertising has gained so much respect that led the company to be one of the top valued in the industry. The company established alliances with local and international partners to keep abreast and strategize global advertising trends.
For the past 15 years, the company’s expansion is undeniably impressive. The human resource is increasing and sales targets are consistently met. Presently, RUCS is known as one stop shop entity, catering outdoor, indoor and digital media nationwide.